Our Services within the area of Quality & Compliance

We are happy to support our customers within the following main areas:

Project Quality Management

Specifically within regulated industries the Quality & Documentation aspect is of great importance. We support our clients to comply with GAMP5 and further regulatory aspects within their projects and initiatives.

IT Quality Assurance

The specific requirements of IT applications as well as IT Operations and Processes have to undergo an ongoing Quality Assurance. We help you to implement a continuous improvement of quality.

Qualification / Validation

Within the Pharma & LifeScience industry specific IT systems as well as their hardware are required to be qualified and/or validated. Our machCon experts assist with their holistic & efficient approach.

Data Privacy & IT Security

machCon assists its clients within the areas of Data Privacy, IT Security as well as IT Auditing. We are happy to conduct an internal IT Audit and bring your IT Security to the next maturity level.